Our webinars are an informal jam and chat session about guitar, music and equipment. We host live question and answers sessions with musicians from different genres. These are open to our members as a fun way to interact with us as we take a light hearted look at a few different styles of play.

In this quick video, about 15mins, we talk to Jamie about his gigging as lead guitarist for the band Tanky Smith. We talk through his blues based scales and how he uses them for the heavy rock style that his band play. Also we try and join in with him to jam out a bit of his style, acoustic guitar as backing and Jamie on lead electric guitar. We mess up a couple of chords and have a laugh while discussing equipment as Jamie talk about his favourite distortion effects pedal the ‘Big Muff’…

Blues or not blues... That is the question
With Jamie Perkins, lead guitarist for the band 'Tanky Smith'

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Blue or not Blues... That is the question