Meet The Team Behind Rock Star Academy!


Hey Guys, I'm Stretton!

Stretton is a passionate musician and a regular on the metal music scene. He has played the guitar for over 30 years, yes we know he doesn’t even look that old !! Then again he doesn’t look like he has a degree in mathematics either…


Whats Up, Matt Here!

Matt is in charge of sales, marketing and technology. He is passionate about Rock Star Academy and goes to great lengths to prove it, even when it means freezing half to death in a muddy lake!


Jamie Here, 'Sup Everyone!

Jamie plays the guitar with feeling and passion. He has exceptional musical intellect and his deep routed understanding of music makes him an awesome inspiring musician.


Yo, I'm Chris!

Chris is a very talented musician and has a rare natural ability for music. He has a grade 8 in acoustic guitar with distinction, a degree in music technology and can play any instrument you throw at him! He quite literally could be the lead guitarist, rhythm guitarist, bass player, drummer, pianist and singer in any band…


How's It Going, I'm Jack!

Jack is quite simply one of the best guitarists we have ever known. His ability to traverse a guitar neck is astounding. His fingers move faster than the eye can see with the timing and precision of a genius. He is also a thoroughly nice guy.


Hey There, Leigh Here!

Leigh is our resident roadie and talented artist. He manages the equipment and sets things up, we are thinking of entering him in to the world guitar tuning championships!!

Nigel Jones

Hi All, I'm Nigel!

Nigel is a very experienced music teacher and has taught thousands of students. He is extremely well qualified and can teach pretty much anything with strings. He has a very well rounded view of music and teaches from both a theoretical and practical perspective.

Duncan Lee

Whats Up Guys, I'm Duncan

Duncan has a fascinating passion for drumming. He has developed a system that both enthuses and motivates his students to achieve great things. He believes every student is capable of achieving anything if they are given the right tools and his courses are designed to give his students these tools.

John Scott

Heya, John Here!

John is a very accomplished vocal coach. He teaches students from all over the world and has developed a style that helps students learn technique while maintaining their own unique style. John’s enthusiasm and passion for singing make his courses very enchanting.

Richard Brown

Hey Everyone, I'm Rich

Rich has played the piano from the age of 6 and has spent his life composing and playing music. He is a charismatic frontman with awesome musical talent and his enthusiasm shines through in his teaching style.