Intermediate Guitar

Preview Lesson #1 -
Learning The Chromatic Order

In the Zero to Hero intermediate guitar course you will gain knowledge on core skills, music theory and putting that into real music. It will make you understand the connection between theory and practical and how this will continue to make you a better guitar player. You will cover demanding lead techniques and bigger extended chords; you’ll learn how to keep these skills under control and in time. This course will develop you as a musician and push you. The course is designed around grade 4 and 5 players but will help fill in any blanks for players that may have holes in their knowledge at any level. The course is designed to be interactive so you can improvise over chord patterns that are played.

1) First, Let's find out what you're going to learn!

This is an introduction and will tell you about the course and how it’s going to develop you as a player. Please make sure you watch all the lessons to get the best from the course. I know it’s really tempting to skip bits but you may miss an important bit of information and I really want you to take everything in and become a better player. Each part of the course focuses on a different area and will help you develop into a better guitar player.

2) Ok, So Let's Find Out What 'Chromatic Order' Is!

The Chromatic Order is your musical alphabet; it’s the fingerprints of music. It’s where really understanding music and ultimately becoming a better guitar player starts.

A A# B C C# D D# E F F# G G# (or) A Bb B C Db D Eb E F Gb G Ab

This little bit of knowledge will open so many doors and give you the best foundation to understanding music.

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