Intermediate Bass

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A Look At What The Course Is All About...

In the Zero to Hero intermediate bass course you will gain knowledge on core skills, music theory and putting that into real music. It will make you understand the connection between theory and practical; how this will continue to make you a better bass player. You will cover demanding bass lines, chord tones, scales and arpeggios; you’ll learn how to keep these skills under control and in time.

This course will develop you as a musician and push you. The course is designed around grade 2-4 but will help fill in any blanks for players that may have holes in their knowledge at any level. I have designed this course to be interactive so loads of drum loops and backing tracks for you to lay bass lines over.

1) First, Let's find out what you're going to learn!

This lesson will give you an in site in to the course and the topics we’ll be covering, also why this will make you a better bass player! It will serve as an introduction to my teaching style and me. As I always say in my courses, I know it’s really really tempting to skip parts of the course, but please cover the whole thing, it will make you a better player and sometimes that tiny bit of missing knowledge can unlock so many things.

2) Ok, Time For A Challenge?

Okay so an easy one to start with, this is a simple bass run that lasts for 2 bars.

Playing the Ukulele Bass Tabs