Preview Lesson #1 - Put Your Hands On

Nigel has put together a great introduction to Mandolin. The course is designed to take you from absolute beginner to playing your first piece of music. He walks you through technique like posture, strumming, finding notes, major chords, minor chords and blending tones. The course will give you a well-rounded approach to playing Mandolin; have fun with it and we hope you enjoy the course.

1) First, lets look at hand posture!

Put your hands on, a guide to the correct posture and how to get the best from the instrument. In this one we look at ways to hold a Mandolin correctly and how be use your left hand posture to get the most from your playing. This lesson outlines and introduces ‘good habits’ that will set you on the right track.

2) Now, How About A Challenge?

See if you can strike the open strings in time, these are played through in this the video and there is also tab and audio.

Playing the Mandolin Mandolin Staves

Play Me!